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Naskah Drama Bahasa Inggris 4 Orang

Kali ini aku akan nge- share naskah drama bahasa inggris yang khusus untuk 4 orang...
Sering sekali bahwa naskah drama bahasa inggris dianggap susah ataupun "NJLIMET"

hehehe itu emang betul sihh... Tapi bagiku tidak karena aku "PANTANG MENYERAH" hahahahah...

banyak ngemeng aja... udah nungguin kan??? ini lah naskah dramaku yang diperankan KELOMPOK yang sangat bagus dari kelas 9E SMP NEGERI 8 MALANG....(pada saat ujian praktek)



Once upon a time there is a home was lived a father with 2 sons. He was heavy sick and must drink the medicine which got from forest which guarded by a witch.
Eki: son, huk huk huk (cought)
Vicky: what happen with u father?
Yoga: yes, what happen with you?
Eki: i feel worst than yesterday and i will be dead, i think
Vicky: no way, you must life
Yoga: we must find medicine for dad, my little brother
Eki: no no no, if you want still find a medicine,you will find a witch!
Vicky: hah are you serious dad?
Eki: yes. The medicine is founded in the forest which shaped like a shoes. And the name of the witch is shoesher. And he promise, he will kill anyone who enter his forest
Yoga: hmmm. Okay. Im not afraid. What kind of medicine and where we will find it?
Eki: there are lotus medicines. You must bring only 1 and i have a shirt which has a map the forest.
Vicky: but, this map is too large and i dont know where
Eki: in this map, there are 15 numbers. The lotus medicines is in number 2
Yoga: very near from here, right?
Eki: yes, but be careful about the shoesher. I do not want you die
Yoga: yes, i promise
Vicky: me,too. Lets go my brother
Yoga: ok ok
Eki: be careful son!

In The Forest
Vicky: wow, so dark. Do you bring a flashlight?
Yoga: oh,sure. Let me ON
Vicky: is here number 1?
Yoga: no, number 1 is go ahead
Vicky: but, im afraid. Im afraid about the shoesher
Yoga: be a man. Dont afraid. The shoesher does not find us
Vicky: he’e you’re right. Let we go

In Number 1
Vicky: 1 left my brother, 1 left
Yoga: yes, but i get tired. Should we take a rest a minute?
Vicky: no, we must find the medicine, right now
Yoga: hadeghh
Vicky: c’mon
Yoga: okay-okay

In Number 2
Vicky: here is number 2. Hooray. Now we find the medicine
Yoga: where is the witch? I dont see anymore
Vicky: yes, i think daddy lies
Bagus: who’s lies?
Vicky: the...the
Yoga: the shoesher
Bagus: you must die. I will eat you
Yoga: dont,dont please
Bagus: you’re so brave, huh?
Yoga: please, we enter here to find lotus medicine for our dad
Vicky: yes, he is true
Bagus: the medicine is right there and if you want that, you must fight magic with me. Here is the sticks
Vicky: let me fight
Yoga: dont, its danger
Vicky: you must trust me okay?
Yoga: oh,okay
Bagus: if you lose, i will eat you and if you win, the medicine is for you. Agree? Hahahaha
Vicky: yes, i agree 100 percent
Bagus: you’re kidding. Let your brother count the fight
Yoga:he’e. 3..2..1
Bagus: avada kedavra
Vicky: stupefly
Bagus: ahhh. I dont believe it, i lose with kid?
Yoga; congrat, my little brother and by the way how do you can use magic?
Vicky: i learnt it from book
Yoga: oh
Bagus: based on my promise, here is the lotus
Vicky+yoga: thank you
Bagus: but, listen me. It’s mean that someone need a lotus flower is get a rare disease. He must drink this medicine before sunset, or he must be die. C’mon, hurry up...

In home
Eki: uhuk..uhuk (cough) what happen?
Yoga: here is the lotus. And vicky success to fight with the shoesher
Eki: he?? But how??
Vicky: not anymore
Yoga: drink the medicine,dad
Eki:i feel better. Son
Eki: thx son, i proud of you

GOOD kan?? silahkan dicontoh gak apa2...
Tapi harus dikembangkan lagi agar lebih kreatif....
ingat kata-kata pepatah: "COPAS TANDA TAK MAMPU"

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  1. Balasan
    1. Berupa bahasa inggris atau bahasa indo??

  2. luar biasa, sangat membantu, biisa dipakai untuk drama di sekolah

    Arigatto Gozaimatsu

  3. Pas bingitt ... gue narator dan 4 orgnya pemain dalam drama thanks bro

  4. bang minta sinopsisnya dong? :D


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